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These are small pieces of the book, translatet by Natalie Decker. The quality isn`t that good. Its only our first small attempt. A complete well translatet version would be nice, of course. Or a translation to spanish, greek, swahili..... Maybe you would like to do that? Please tell us about mistakes in the document, as well.

please note:

- if it is your habit to read out loud to yourself, please give your inner voice a slightly ironic undertone.

- philosophizing means talking to yourself. Extasy is reached when one ceases to do this.

- Whenever in this booklet a conversation with oneself is mentioned, this does not mean personal mutterings, phantasizing, daydreaming, being crazy, thinking up stories and so on., but only talking to yourself.

- It is allowed to talk and say what you will, when you want and where you want to.

-It is schizophrenic to try to tell yourself something.

That is mindfucking!



am I my master

or am I my slave?!?!

It takes at least two to make a state!!

What would you do, if one very ugly day you met a man who would take what's yours, who would stop you from doing what you want to, who gives you orders, threatens you with violence and in the end even demands that you restrain yourself - in short:

at last you are supposed to give yourself his commands ...

sure enough:

you beat the shit out of his head!!!!

What would you do, however if the lunatic who attacked you was armed? What if he, along with other lunatics hass founded a society, a whole "state" even?, according to its laws& Rules &systems these idiots had secured their lunacy- if necessary by means of atomic bombs - What if , on waking up one morning you find that you are sharing this planet with shizophrenics, infants and the mute? What if these nuts are RIGHT NOW - IN THIS MOMENT doing what they can in order to wipe out life on the earth for the sake of their fixed belief?=

Sure enough:

you reproduce this flyer. Alone you are as powerless as I am.


what would you do if you were all of 90 cm tall and the guy who's telling you what to do were a giant?

Sure enough:

you tell youself what he is thinking and carry on your best behaviour ,doing everything he tells yuo. There is not even anyone to complain to or to call for help because :



I can'T help myself!

I completely agree with myself!!!

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I had just begun studying when the student strikes of 88/89 began.

At first i found this exciting. the strike manifested a diffuse but nevertheless decisive discontent with the situation. In any case the majority was willing to occupy the institutes and to paralyse the faculties activities. Also they were not only asking for more and better

placements and cheaper housing. The climate to me seemed suitable for passing on some anarchistic food for thought to the people. It wasn't to be a book, just an article for the strikers' magazine . I wanted to convey the idea behind anarchy in a clear and contagious way.

Anarchy - to me ths is a naturalsociety whose behaviour is not [ at once driven and restrained ] by artificially created norms, rules, orders,money,pressure, or subordination.

Therefore it is also the "lawlessness" which the ordinary species of square understands as being anarchy: everyone does as they please - and doesn't let anyone stop them.

I began to discuss what i had been writing about with the people around me. Of course not only with students. But the discussions were not succesful. What i was saying seemed logical enough to me, if not to my fellow citizens. It all went something like this:

" if everyone did what they wanted then we would inmediately have, chaos , rape, thieving murder and senseless beatings. Everyone would try to rob each others pacifier and noone would have time to suck on it.- and -noone would go to work.!!! Where would we get to like that?

And where would we if we all just took orders and no longer thought for ourselves? In a place where madness reigned. From the tops of EC mountains of butter you can see the people starving in ethiopia without binoculars.

others brought their stance to the fore:

I don't want to do what i want.


"That would be an ideal society.Just like communism.But humans are bad. The person fit for such asociety has yet to be born."

The strike was over before the article could be completed. The longer I was dealing with this problem, the less i knew how to, in the face of such reactions. Despite this i had discovered an old interest: I wanted to write. I wound up, after reading a book on DADAISM, messing around with language a little bit.That is how flyer no. 1 came about.

I distributed it at the pedagocical institute:

Someone put it up in the cafeteria of the pedagogical institute. A tutorpinned it over his desk. OK - THEN I'LL JUST DO SOME ART. I thought At one point during my wordplay i noticed that there is such a thing as an internal language, that is, that a person can speak inside her brain. In more elegant terms: I made the discovery of an onomatopeic process in my head.

It went something like this: I would purposely formulate senseless sentences,which stand for themselves and mean nothing,invite us to ponder but somehow seem meaningful - more or less like this:iN tHE BEGinNinG was WoRd iN.i aM THe sEconD i.(wITh oNe WAs No lonGER mY conC erN TO EXpresS SomE ThiNg witH lanGUaGE.

I wAS PlaYiNg wIth IT..tHAT Is hoW tHe FOLlowING moNoloGUe SpRanG UP in mY HEaD)nOW cOmES a SemICOLon(:

" I am dead.

wait a moment!

why can I think

that i am dead,

if I am not dead at all?

Why can I even think that I am dead?

Either I am dead - then i can no loger think.

Or I am not dead

then I can not think that I Am Dead.

How can I think such nonsense?

Just a moment , what am I doing here anyway?

I am talking inside my head!

Oh dear God -

don't listen to me, whatever you do-

I probably talk shit all day long !"

Two days later i remembered the wordgames.My awakening was like one from atrance.

It seemed to me that my head had been going for a walk in the fog the whole time.And that I

had been in a cloud I only noticed when the cloud was gone. At the same time this sentence occurred to me:

"he who thinks,is talking with himself !

That's it!

The whole time I have been holding conversations in my own head !

If i see someone walking down the street, talking to themselves , I think that they're crazy. When actually i talk to me too. I just don't notice because I am talking in my head, because I believe that I am thinking ! Now I am going to walk right up to the nearest person and tell them ! It's going to knock him flat when he understands! And then that person is going to go and tell someone else! There's going to be a chain-reaction! Best make another flyer of it!"

On the chain-reaction I am waiting till this day...

That's how flyer no.two came to be. FLyer no.2

1 whoever thinks, is talking with themselves.

2 whoever talks with themselves.has nothing to say to themselves.

P.S.Don't think about this flyer.

Talk to someone about it.

Flyer number 2 I distributed at the university of T³bingen..The strike had just recently ended and the semester was close to finishing So I walked up to people and asked them whether they needed a SCHEIN,and then would stick the piece of paper into their hand.. Some read it, laughed and put it away,others would throw it away inmediately ,as if it carried some deadly diseas; most people however would read it and remain,for minutes, staring at the paper and begin to (probably) think most vehemently. On

this course I arrived at the university cafeteria where I met a guy i knew in passing. I gave him a flyer and we went up to the first floor to eat something. I asked him what he thought of the flyer but he only shrugged his shoulders. In the meantime a woman, standing next to him had also read it. Turning to me she asked:

" why did you write this? Are you lonely? Do you want someone to speak to you?"

I replied : " No, lonesome I'm actually not - but i do find it pleasant when people talk to each other..."

"But then why did you photocopy this and why are you distributing it among the people? What are you trying to say with this?!?"

"What I'm trying to say with that is that practically everybody talks to themselves inside their head because they believe that this is what is called "thinking", and that they should stop that.

At first she had only been serious. Now she was downright pissed off. She said, quite louddly:

"Of course everybody speaks withthemselves!!"

That's logical::

I looked into her eyes. She was about to kick into gear, when suddenly she ran out of logical arguments. In the pause that followed I added:

"what is so logical about that?!?

What should I talk to myself for?

I Can't t tell myself something I don't know-

given that Im not two!

At best I can tell myself something I already know-

but what good is that to me if I am told by myself something i already know !?

At that moment it must have gone "klick" inside her head and she began to scream

loudly and beyond herself, that the mass of people in the lunch hall fell silent abruptly

turning to stare at us:





I think to this my comment was.:"well - good, if you you already know then you no longer need to tell yourself..." and then I left.. The idea that these converstions with the self could have something to do with schizophrenia had not occurred to me unil the instant the woman had screamed the word into my face. At home I discovered a book on neurology( )in which was written:

"The actual cause for schizophrenia remains unexplained...A clear definition is difficult...A positive definition has to base itself on characteristic Symptons of the disease. The most important are:"Thoughtvoices", "hearing voices in a question and answer situation", "Hearing voices which accompany personal actions with a comment".

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